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Annora Floral Swim Top

Floral print on a classy underwire top with adjustable straps

The Annora Story : 

An animal-lover who longs for a different life, Annora is a country girl in a big city. At night, she dreams of shaking of off her everyday routine and moving to Africa, where she would volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary for orphaned or injured animals. Surrounded by sweeping savannas and jagged mountains that pierce the incandescent blue sky, she would be a new person. Usually, she is disoriented when she wakes up, feeling like she’s in the wrong place. But today is different. Today is the day Annora’s dreams become her reality. 

Material : 
80:20 - Nylon:Spandex
Care Instructions : 
Rinse in cold water 
Leave in shade to dry 
Hand wash only


Designed and Styled by :

Cindy Kimberly