Eva Yellow Tie Top
Eva Yellow Tie Top
Eva Yellow Tie Top

Eva Yellow Tie Top

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The new yellow Eva tie top
The Eva Series Story :

Growing up in Barcelona, Eva has been surrounded by beauty her entire life. Her parents, free-minded artists who believe that the chaotic insanity of art is much saner than the repetitive emptiness of routine, taught her to explore and feel everything. A few years ago, on her 16th birthday, Eva started making daily trips to the Gothic Quarter to search for her one true love…that day. He would be a mysterious stranger. She would be the girl on the fringes, never speaking to him. For each day’s love, she writes a poem. At 19 years old, she’s written 1197 poems.

Material : 
80:20 - Nylon:Spandex


Care Instructions : 
Rinse in cold water 
Leave in shade to dry 
Hand wash only


Designed and Styled by :
Cindy Kimberly