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Sonia Red Suspender Set

Tube top. Cheeky bottom. Comes with adjustable straps. Seamless.


The Sonia Series Story :

Red is Sonia’s signature color. She’s a powerhouse who can, and often does, take on the world. She didn’t leave home at 16 because she had to. (To be honest, her dad is still pretty salty about it and asks her to come back daily.) She left because she needed to be free to set her own destiny and live her own life. For Sonia, that meant packing her things and getting on the first flight to LA, where she’s taken the city by storm. In a place full of wannabes and almost-weres, there is only one Sonia. She just happens to be cooler than everyone she knows. The weird thing is that her friends seem to agree, especially when they want to get into the best parties and the hottest clubs.

Material : 
80:20 - Nylon:Spandex


Care Instructions : 
Rinse in cold water 
Leave in shade to dry 
Hand wash only


Designed and Styled by :
Cindy Kimberly